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Five Ways to Instantly Improve Your Indie Film Shoot

You have a great story, an awesome crew, excellent actors and an outstanding location. Which means everything should go as planned on your shoot day or days. Right? Well, perhaps … Continue reading

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If Content is King, Why are You Blowing Your Budget in Meetings?

As a screen writer and content creator, I’m happy to spend hours a day creating copy for articles, case studies, blog posts, surveys and other social deliverables. I’ve even spent … Continue reading

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Successful Crowdfunding for Filmmakers

For many in the entertainment industry, it’s no longer acceptable to wait around to be discovered for their writing, acting or directing talents. Today, crowdfunding provides creative types with the … Continue reading

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From Teen Angst to Senior Angst, Part II

I mentioned in my last post that “senior angst” is prevalent in anyone who has experienced job discrimination, loss or hopelessness as the result of getting older. Importantly, I also … Continue reading

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From Teen Angst to Senior Angst, Part I

I was on my way to San Jose to start up my weekly filmmaking collective at Studio Bongiorno. The kids were with me and the sun was setting. As we … Continue reading

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12 Monkeys coming to the Small Screen

This is such great news! Director Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi thriller 12 Monkeys, which starred Bruce Willis as a time-traveling nutjob out to save humanity from a decimating plague, is … Continue reading

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How Entertainment, Advertising and Marketing can Learn from Social

Three of the biggest channels for content in the world are entertainment, advertising and marketing. And they can all learn something from social media. Entertainment, of course, means everything from … Continue reading

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