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Corporate Video is about Improving Sales

HooplaNot everyone is in to selling, but if you are, Hoopla has a product for you. It’s a leaderboard that shows the sales team exactly who is on top and how everyone else ranks in relation.

If your sales organization is tuned to competitive yet collaborative sales, this is the product for you. But don’t take my word for it, check out one of several excellent case study videos that Hoopla had shot at its customers’ offices. This one (below) was filmed in the offices of Xactly in San Francisco by Sterling Communications , a Los Gatos, Calif. public relations agency that specializes in creating and using video as a communications tool.

It’s a bit long for an Internet video but it’s precisely the kind of video you want on a website if you are looking to make a strong case for what your product is and how it works in a dynamic, fully operational environment. Not only does the audience get an opportunity to see the product in action, but they can see reactions from users and hear a detailed account of how and why the product is effective.

This is the beauty of video in sales and marketing: it brings the potential customer right into a working environment where your product is being used seemingly in real time. It’s a powerful testimonial that saves thousands of words and lets the audience feel the energy and excitement of the moment.

Hoopla is so proud of these case study videos that they post them front and center on their home page…which by the way is NOT a .com site. Hoopla can be found at – where else – hoopla.net.




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